About Don Hudson III

In retrospect, it makes sense that Don found photography as a career. It was a perfect way to bring the diverse skills and passions collected throughout his life into focus.

A lifelong musician, Don first began studying photography as another way to move people through nonverbal communication. With an artist’s mind and technical training in design, Don is a visual storyteller, narrating through photography.

As a founder of an adventure racing company, it’s no surprise that Don loves the challenge of the “tough” shots: Scaling a peak, hanging out of a speeding racecar, diving the depths of lakes and oceans. He thrives on the physicality required to truly be part of the moment, believing that the pursuit of beauty is worth the risk.

Don likes to – no, needs to – know how and why things work. This drive lends itself to the way he watches a moment unfold before capturing it at precisely the right time. He deconstructs and reconstructs, breaking a scene down to inspect and perfect its individual components.

A motivated self-starter and natural problem solver, Don employs the technical knowledge he has developed over the past five years as an in-house commercial brand photographer to solve the challenges that are present in any shoot.

Don is based in Chicago, and regularly travels across the United States to shoot for his clients. His work has been seen in dozens of publications including magazines, billboards, television and multiple Super Bowl commercials.

If you’d like to learn more and connect with Don about an upcoming project, you can contact him here.